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What Your Website Needs Now

Your website has served you well for years; you don’t see any reason to toy with it. Or maybe it is brand new and you’re thrilled with the results.

Take a deep breath because your work isn’t finished. A website has the same weakness of every marketing effort--the world keeps changing, including your own company; and your website has to keep up. A website analysis ensures that your website is accurate, relevant and successful in reaching the customers you want most. A website analysis consists of these five basic steps:

  1. Checking every link, including your own. Are all the links working? Use your contact phone number(s) and email to evaluate ease of use and responsiveness. If you were a caller or emailer, would you feel welcomed?

  2. Printing out the entire website (every page!) and proofreading. I guarantee that you will find a mistake in print that you overlooked online.

  3. Checking for consistency with your current products, services and company goals--and between pages of the website. Even a minor update may lead to inconsistency unless you review the entire website against your company's reality. 

  4. Evaluating for clarity and zest. Have you said what you meant to say? Have you used the best words to capture and keep the interest of your customers?

  5. Checking your data on Google Analytics or a similar program. Are visitors increasing in the regions where you want customers? What pages are they most interested in? Can you modify your content to better target their interests?

Repeat each of these efforts regularly in case pages, links and objectives have fallen out of date or were updated without regard for their total effect on the website.

For new, revised and long-standing websites, TWP offers a website analysis that examines every nook and cranny. Contact TWP today to find out more. 


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