Articles and Press Releases

Articles & Press Releases

Our ghost-written articles appear in industry and corporate magazines like Oil & Gas Journal, Mass High Tech, Hydrocarbon Processing and Electronic Design. Our press releases inspire newspapers and magazines to request feature stories.

"Behind every aspirin you take stand complex manufacturing operations."

Excerpt from ABB Review



Make sure your customers hear your unique message: TWP sets you apart from the competition.

"Fill your basket with farm-fresh vegetables, herbs and berries. Fill your arms with flowers. Fill your home with the joys of Rosaly's Garden & Farmstand."

Excerpt from Rosaly's Garden & Farmstand brochure



Whether your message goes by mail or e-mail--whether it's business-to-business or business-to-customer--TWP delivers.

"XANGO proves every day that it's easy to be healthy, wealthy and wise."

Excerpt from Independent Distributor's Postcard



Weekly, monthly or quarterly, remind your customers that you have the expertise they're looking for.

"One of your employees refuses to work with another; or drinks to excess outside the office; or refuses to delegate when you aren't around.HR Compliance guides you in developing a specific policy and laying out the disciplinary actions for failure to comply."

Excerpt from HR Compliance 101 Newsletter, First Quarter

Success Stories

Success Stories

TWP gets your customers talking-to you and to each other-about the real-life stories that drive your success.

"The town of Hollis, New Hampshire, received a wonderful gift: a 1760s English-style barn..But how could they keep its historic integrity while accommodating the needs of a 21st century building?"


User Manuals

User Manuals

When TWP writes the instructions, customers understand how your product and service works. That means happier customers who need very little customer support. Our clients say:

"You ask all the right questions. Customers just ignored our sorting feature until you explained it. Now they call us up to praise it."

Ray Cote, President, ASI

"It's really nice to hear customers happy with the documentation... . Having these types of documents handy is really going to add value to our service."

George Osborne, Manager of Support Services, EMF


Websites and Blog Posts

Turn browsers into buyers with website content that makes your entire company proud. TWP researches and writes it all, from home page to news, from about us to blog.

"We extrude custom medical tubing. We do it exclusively and we do it right."

Excerpt from www.microspecorporation.com

White Papers

Insight Papers

Educate your customers about your industry, products, services and solutions and share your expertise. TWP researches and communicates your message in words customers understand.

"Sometimes the initials IT seem to stand for 'internal turmoil.'...As the company grows, the piecemeal solutions that used to work become part of the problem. The ideal solution would be a single software product..."

Excerpt from Alloy Software, A Unified Solution for IT Problems


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